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UngulateGirl's Journal

Wednesday, December 31, 2003

10:07AM - I'm back

Had a great Christmas. My Grandfather (maternal) and his wife left yesterday. Their visit was really nice. We didn't really do anything, but just spending time with them was good. Yesterday morning, after they left I took Lucy down to Seminole so we could get our cavities filled. Not fun. Dr. Zollo kept saying "Boy! This is a lot deeper that I expected!" (my jaw still hurts) Now that I semi-understand the physiology of nerves and action potentials, Novocane is fascinating, if painful. I picked up Josh and Jeremy on the way home so the could play with Kris. At the moment they are playing on the original Nintendo- I guess it is entertaining because it is so corny. That dumb Mario song is stuck in my head.

Lucy got a pony for Christmas- spoiled brat! I'm not really complaining. (Although I am the only one who has fed him, picked up after him, tacked him up for rides, led him around for rides, and done everything else so far.)

His name is Magic (Magisterio) and he is another Paso Fino. He's only 13.2 hands, that's six inches shorter than Andy! He is a beautiful bay, and has such a pretty baby face that I always want to call him a girl. And the cutest pointy curvy ears I ever saw!

He threw Kris (Well, maybe Kris just fell off) on Saturday, and that was about the funniest thing I saw all month. We were riding bareback, and Kris asked for a Corto, but Magic cantered, and Kris started bouncing like a sack of potatoes, then began laughing hysterically, and finally fell off. I'm very glad it wasn't Lucy.

I have twelve days until classes begin, so I will try to update again soon.
Sorry for being so sporadic.

Current mood: content